December 20, 2012

Why Am I a Teacher?

So I was asked twice today how I did I managed to be a be around the same kiddos ALL day be so patient...

Just look at these little faces!!  I think I might be the LUCKIEST teacher in the world.  To come to work each and every day to see the excitement in their eyes.  Watching them learn and grow.  To see the lightbulb go off when they finally get a concept they've been working so hard to learn. To know that I'm instilling values that I hope they'll one day carry on.    

They keep me on my toes but I also feel they keep me young and fresh.  Each and everyday is something new.  I never know what to expect but we do have fun along the way.

Are there trying days?  OF COURSE!!  It's not picture perfect but I think it's the PERFECT job for me.

These pictures make me smile and I LOVE the quote.  For the 6 hours your child is with me, he/she is my whole world. I'm here to teach, comfort, care for, and keep your child safe. Thanks for sharing your child with me!!  

Happy holidays from Mrs. Lyons' Class!!  Have a happy and restful vacation.

I used these pictures for their parent ornaments.  I bought some clear ornaments, added the picture to the inside, and they decorated them.  Wish I had taken a picture!


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    1. THANKS! I used these pics for their parent ornaments. I bought clear ornaments and added their picture to the inside. They decorated around their pictures. Wish I had taken a pic!!