December 7, 2012

The Classroom Gingerbread Man That Didn't Get Away

Today we conducted an experiment.  Our question was, "What will happen to our gingerbread man if we put him in water?"

The kids made predictions.  Some thought he'd float, while others said dissolve, and break apart.  We drew pictures, wrote what we would need, and observed throughout the day.  The first observation was the color change of the water.

This is how he looked before lunch.  Our poor little gingerbread man!  He didn't have a chance.

We also took time today to decorate gingerbread cookies. They worked so hard and this is how they came out.

Then the UNTHINKABLE happened.  Look away if you must!!

The cookies were DELICIOUS and I hope your child wasn't too sugared up after school...just full of sweetness!

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