December 20, 2012

We've Been Busy Little Elves

 We've been little elves!!

I read the book, A Letter to Santa Claus by Rose Impey.  We discussed how kids are ALWAYS making lists for Santa and if they had ever wondered what he might like.

The kiddos brainstormed items he might like under his tree.

Here are a few examples.

We also finished up our Traditions Around the World Scrapbook.  Students wrote an opinion piece, sharing their favorite tradition.

We're continuing on with our RACK (Random Acts of Classroom Kindness)  Today we RACKed our principals.  The kids wrote thank you letters to them.  It seems being kept safe is on their minds. Most wrote that first.

We've also been working on some holiday surprises for parents.  I'm not giving any clues though!!

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