December 13, 2012

Traditions...Traditions...and MORE Traditions

Our class has been focusing on traditions around the world.

Students learned about Sweden's traditions.  We learned about St. Lucia Day and how the oldest girl in the family dresses in white.  She puts a wreath with seven lights on her head.  She carries coffee and buns to her family.

The boys were quite giddy when they found out the girls would be serving them!!

We traveled to England today!  Kids learned about "Father Christmas" and how many years ago their letters were tossed into the fire so their wishes could go up the chimney. We talked about Evergreens and how people thought they were magical because they always stayed green.

And last but not least...we had Christmas Crackers (not the crackers you eat).  Now, I had my cousin try one of these and it didn't crack or make a loud noise when she pulled on it.

Let's just say when the kids pulled on the crackers today, they were LOUD!!  Confetti, trinkets, and paper hats were flying across the room.  The kids were SO excited and I'll admit I was too!

Now, I'm sure the custodians weren't excited by the surprise they found on the floor.  We did try to clean up and I even had a couple of boys asking to help me.

The after affects!  YIKES.
I even made them wear their hats to lunch.

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